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Monday, August 9, 2010

A thief in the night

I broke into my house yesterday using a library card.

I knew paying the $40 in fines (I like to call it a donation to the literacy of the children of Mesa) and getting that thing renewed would be worth it.

I was a spy in a former life, I am sure of it.

Hubby said it was sexy, I think so too.
Angelina has nothing on me-except maybe three nannies and millions but whatever.

So if you hear someone at your door tonight it may just be me or it may be a thief in the night but if it is me I am probably just trying to steal enough to pay my library fines, I mean donations.

***by the way in case you are a theif in the night and you are reading this I am totally lying to make myself feel like Angelina oh and we have a guns, big ones and I have a wicked awesome karate kick, just ask the teufels in Mutters. (thanks Billy)


Jamie said...

I think my library fines could rival yours! It's just what happens when you check out a lot of books. But hey, of all the taxes to pay, I think it's the one I like the best!

p.s. I think Angelina also has a *few* more kids than you!

Sara! said...

I've done that! Although in my case, had to do borrow a neighbor's card, that I didn't know, cause it was during church hours. Awkward trying to explain what I needed to do, but at least I had clothes on.

Glad you have skills!

mandy said...

you breaking in to your house rather than others attempting to do so has got to be a nice change.

Mighty Mighty Rudds said...

that's the draw of the East valley-isn't it grand!?