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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spirit Week

Last weeks was spirit week for Macy...she was so excited! She couldn't sleep because she was thinking about what she wanted to do each day. She was very specific in her instructions... crazy hair day and backwards day were her favorite! Sorry if you get a crick in your neck I didn't turn the pics before adding them!


Tassi Smith said...

The outfits are great but the best thing is the hole in her mouth. I can't be believe how old she looks.

Shelley & Jake said...

She is so funny! I love that she cared so much about how she was going to dress up!

Palmer's said...

SO, I cannot get my pics to ever turn, so I am used to turning my head. Hope others don't care...better posting them sideways vs. not at all!
Cute pics. of Macy!