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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Soccer and t-ball

Hi guys! I need to get a team together for soccer and for t-ball through the YMCA! If we can get a coach from here then we can have practices wherever they want to and whenever they want to and then the games would be at the Y! If youa re interested in playing or know someone who could coach please leave comment and we can coordinate! Registration ends the 30th of August so let me know! Thanks- oh and you have to live out here by me or it probably won't work! Later!


john and steph said...

What age group and what is the cost? I am not sure any of mine would want to but I like to keep my ears open.

zack&kami said...

Hey so i am reading some of your later post and I love them. You are just so awsome that is all I can say. I love your prospective on life. I love your blog. And where did you take your family pictures they are so cute. I need to get some!!!