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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

House Hunt=ON.

Rental Home
3+ Bedrooms/2+Bathrooms
@ Least 1800 Sq. Feet
Good Schools


Tassi Smith said...

What location? We have really nice rentals near our house.

The word verification is "honne." With the fancy way it is written it looks like "home."

Sarah said...

I've been out of town, so I may have missed the annoucement - but I'm guessing you sold your house. Good luck finding a new one. Las Vegas has plenty, but the commute may be a little long.

Sweating in the endless heat said...

I think the Sewells house is needing to be rented at this time. I have been trying to get a hold of her. They have a house in our neighborhood. Call me if you want their number...or if I remember, I will send it to you via email:-)

Liz said...

Should I be looking for a house out here? Or are you not picky about location... Congrats if this means you sold your house!

Jamie said...

Does this mean you sold your house?! I hope so!